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Art is becoming the asset-class of choice for many investors amidst increasing global economic uncertainties. Value Preservation and new cash flow generation tactics from Art ownership are just some of the more attractive attributes that can allow investors to explore the asset class as a viable diversification to their investment portfolios.

Featured Artist

Ivan Turetskyy

Ivan Turetskyy was born into a family of Artists on the 17th August 1956, in Krasnoyarsk (Russia). Following his graduation from the Lviv State Institute of Art in 1982, Turetskyy joined the National Union of Artists of Ukraine as a member, and also co-founded the Ukrainian Heraldic Society. At present, one of his biggest achievements is that he co-authored a small National Emblem of Ukraine and the current National Emblem of Lviv. His works ranges from stamps for the Post of Ukraine, postmarks for the Ukrainian Society of Philatelists of Austria, project of collection envelopes, to projects for the series of collection coins of the Bank of Belarus. His artistic practice has seen him participating in numerous exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad; with works collected by numerous Ukrainian museums and private collectors in Europe, Asia, and even America. Selected Exhibitions 2019 - Luxembourg Art Fair 2019 | Europe 2017 - Art-Integration | China and Ukraine 2014 - Art Expo, New York | USA 2013 - International plein air "Olkush" | Poland For more information about Ivan Turetskyy, kindly email or call +65 6274 5988 to speak with our friendly art consultant. ..

Zhao Dewei

b. 1960, China
Zhao Dewei is an important figure amongst the Qingdao's art scene during the Chinese 85' New Wave Moment. As the Chairman of the Qingdao Youth Artists Association, he relentlessly worked and strove to promote young talent via a self-organised 'Never Stopped By Wind Or Rain' open-air art activity involving contemporary art, behaviour, discussion and affairs. Outdoor exhibitions under his role as a Chairman of the association was held consecutively for every Saturdays for over three years, providing the platform for artists to showcase their artworks. Meanwhile, he continued his focus in research on Chinese writing and calligraphy which led to the opportunity to develop his unique style of painitng; which has seen him achieving major success when taking part in major exhibitions globally. His recent works portrays the realities of urban living through our rapid changing environment. Zhao is also a master of control as he carefully drips mixed paints onto his canvasses, creating images that is unique to him. When the paint is applied rapidly, limiting his colour palette helps to strengthen the visual impact of his work. Selected Exhibitions 2004 - "Past, Process, Interlude, Retrospective exhibition from 1996-2003", Museum of Publication, Qingdao | China 2003 - "Zhao Dewei New Oil Painting Exhibition", New Art Space | Taiwan 1999 - "Zhao Dewei Oil Painting Exhibition", National Art Museum (Beijing) | China For more information about Zhao Dewei, kindly email or call +65 6274 5988 to speak with our friendly art consultant...