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Ivan Turetskyy

Ivan Turetskyy was born into a family of Artists on the 17th August 1956, in Krasnoyarsk (Russia). Following his graduation from the Lviv State Institute of Art in 1982, Turetskyy joined the National Union of Artists of Ukraine as a member, and also co-founded the Ukrainian Heraldic Society. At present, one of his biggest achievements is that he co-authored a small National Emblem of Ukraine and the current National Emblem of Lviv. His works ranges from stamps for the Post of Ukraine, postmarks for the Ukrainian Society of Philatelists of Austria, project of collection envelopes, to projects for the series of collection coins of the Bank of Belarus. His artistic practice has seen him participating in numerous exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad; with works collected by numerous Ukrainian museums and private collectors in Europe, Asia, and even America. Selected Exhibitions 2019 - Luxembourg Art Fair 2019 | Europe 2017 - Art-Integration | China and Ukraine 2014 - Art Expo, New York | USA 2013 - International plein air "Olkush" | Poland For more information about Ivan Turetskyy, kindly email or call +65 6274 5988 to speak with our friendly art consultant. ..

Liu Yujun

Liu Yujun is an established artist who is known for painting women. One his Unidentified Liquid series, he combines the temperament of traditional Chinese women and the character of modern Chinese urban women. He adopted features such as slanting eyes and single eyelid as well as traditional hairstyles from ancient Chinese paintings of imperial palace maidens, adding further emphasis to the characteristic of Chinese women. In this series, his works can be found containing drawings of blue liquid in variety of forms. He once illustrated this blue liquid symbolises a sense of insecurity. Liu Yujun artwork had been actively traded and collected in China and Europe region. For more information about Liu Yujun, kindly email or call +65 6274 5988 to speak with our friendly art consultant...

Kristina Sretkova

Born in 1984 in Sweden, Kristina grows and has German and Bulgarian Nationality. Since 2000, she had been in Germany. She graduated Master of Media – Design at the University of Applied Science in Cologne, Germany. Being taught be world renown painters, he has developed interest in Art since young. Kristina has so far 15 Awards, 39 solo exhibitions and 59 group exhibitions. She is also a member of Société des Artistes Indépendants (Society of Independent Artists), Paris. She is currently living and staying in Berlin. Her art comes from her inner voice, intuition, rhythms, intelligence and inspiration from her soul. Through art, she hopes to deliver joy, hope, and optimism to her collectors. For more information about Kristina Sretkova, kindly email or call +65 6274 5988 to speak with our friendly art consultant...

Jia Qiong

b. 1969, China
Jia Qiong graduated from the Drama Department of Jilin’s Art Institute. Sunsequently, he went on to further his artistic adventure throughout Britian and France upon his graduation; with his paintings now resulting as a reflection of western painting techniques combined with oriental elements. However, despite earning international applaud and domestic success, the theme of humanitiarianism continues to remain key to his artistic practice till today. Under the influence of his former artistic practice, Jia also emphasises on the use of figurines and mannequins while paying distinctive attention to detailed surface-patterns. The visual complexity of his compostions enhances the pathetic fallacy that alters our mood and the perception we hold of his works. To date, Jia has participated in numerous exhibitions domestically and internationally; and is set to retain the sociological and humanitarian content of his works to deal with issues relating to trend and tradition. The highest record price of his auction is at SGD$22,956.55 at Poly Internationational Auction Co. in 2007. Selected Exhibitions 2008 - Invitation Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Amsterdam | Netherlands 2006 - "Chinese Contemporary Art", Grace Gallery, New York | United States 2004 - Frankfurt International Artists Expo | Germany 1998 - "Jia Qiong Art Works (1990 - 1998)", China Art Museum, Beijing | China For more information about Jia Qiong, kindly email or call +65 6274 5988 to speak with our friendly art consultant...

Olekssi Koval

Olekssi Koval was born on the 16th October 1977, in Kiev Ukraine. He was exposed to art early in his school years. He graduated from Republican School of Art by Taras Shevchenko (painting class) and continued his education in National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Painting faculty (V. Zabashta’s workshop) which he graduated 2002. He was already experimenting from early 2000, where he work in monumental art sphere, created approximately 100 pieces of art in Ukraine and abroad. These are mosaics, frescoes, ornaments, drafts of stained-glass windows. He had also co-worked with Ukrainian and foreign architects.For more information about Olekssi Koval, kindly email or call +65 6274 5988 to speak with our friendly art consultant...

Xue Liming

b. 1972, China
Xue Liming was born in 1972 in Chengde, Hebei China. In 2001, he established his own studio. Prior to that, he has participated in numerous arts exhibitions which has led to the eventual development of his own unique style of painting. Xue’s technique requires patience, and a steady hand needed to create overlapping circles using a very fine paintbrush. Selected Exhibitions 2015 - "Minsheng Art Merge and Gathering", Beijing | China 2011 - Affordable Art Festival, Beijing | China 2009 - "China And Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition", Beijing | China For more information about Xue Liming, kindly email or call +65 6274 5988 to speak with our friendly art consultant. ..

Zhao Dewei

b. 1960, China
Zhao Dewei is an important figure amongst the Qingdao's art scene during the Chinese 85' New Wave Moment. As the Chairman of the Qingdao Youth Artists Association, he relentlessly worked and strove to promote young talent via a self-organised 'Never Stopped By Wind Or Rain' open-air art activity involving contemporary art, behaviour, discussion and affairs. Outdoor exhibitions under his role as a Chairman of the association was held consecutively for every Saturdays for over three years, providing the platform for artists to showcase their artworks. Meanwhile, he continued his focus in research on Chinese writing and calligraphy which led to the opportunity to develop his unique style of painitng; which has seen him achieving major success when taking part in major exhibitions globally. His recent works portrays the realities of urban living through our rapid changing environment. Zhao is also a master of control as he carefully drips mixed paints onto his canvasses, creating images that is unique to him. When the paint is applied rapidly, limiting his colour palette helps to strengthen the visual impact of his work. Selected Exhibitions 2004 - "Past, Process, Interlude, Retrospective exhibition from 1996-2003", Museum of Publication, Qingdao | China 2003 - "Zhao Dewei New Oil Painting Exhibition", New Art Space | Taiwan 1999 - "Zhao Dewei Oil Painting Exhibition", National Art Museum (Beijing) | China For more information about Zhao Dewei, kindly email or call +65 6274 5988 to speak with our friendly art consultant...

Zhong Biao

b. 1968, China
Zhong Biao is a contemporary Neo-Surrealist painter. As one of the world's most enigmatic and eminent Chinese artists of the current times, Zhong's works revolves around thematic concerns with a creative visionary impossible to overlook. Inspired by the ever-changing China, time and space has been a key aspect to his work; havng expressed in an interview that “More than anything, my art is an art which searches for order. I search for the order that belongs to the era of today, taking coincidence as a theory of methodology that can explain its everyday connection with the omnipresent.”. As one of the most influential artists, Zhong was selected to display his works at one of China's biggest art event, Shanghai Biennale in the year 2006. At present, Zhong is an art professor at the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. Selected Exhibitions 2011 - "Zhong Biao Reflected on Air", Frey Norris Contemporary & Modern, San Francisco | USA 2010 - "For The Future", Z-Art Centre, Shanghai | China 2009 - "The Tendency of Events", Yuz Art Museum, Jakarta | Indonesia 2008 - "The Position of Zhong Biao", Galerie Frank Schlang & Cie, Essen | Germany For more information about Zhong Biao, kindly email or call +65 6274 5988 to speak with our friendly art consultant...

Zhang Xiaogang

Since 1993, Zhang Xiaogang had been famous for his Big Family series. The Family series often portray the complexity of life and emotions. In China, the concept of Big Family goes beyond blood ties. Collectivism is an inherent part of the Chinese social history. Zhang Xiaogang mentioned that the first thing we should learn living in a big family is to shut ourselves up in a secret small cell and pretend to keep step with all the other members of the family. The recent works however portrays memories. Known as the Remembrance and Amnesia series, the artist is keen in how memory can be selective and often inaccurate. For more information about Zhang Xiaogang, kindly email or call +65 6274 5988 to speak with our friendly art consultant...

Fang Lijun

b. 1963, China
Fang Lijun is one of the earliest and pioneering artists of the Cynical Realism movement. His works often portray a bald-headed protagonist, conveying sentiments of disenchantment, angst, and rebellion; allowing him to portray both subtle menance and naive innocence, causing a slight sense of discomfort. His work studies the disillusionment of China’s youth, a generation of the result of the events at Tiananmen Square and China’s internal domestic policies through his references made to contemporary comics and his use of hyper-realism clouds approaches the sanctity of ideological assurance with an empathetic cynicism. To recognise Fang's significant and continuous contributions to the contemporary art scene, he was recently awarded the Hong Kong Asia Arts Game Changer Award in 2019. On top of the international exhibitions that Fang has been actively involved in, his works have also been transacted at numerous big name auction houses including Sotheby's New York and Christie's London. In 2014, Fang Lijuns work raked in a total of SGD$10,562,161.92 at Sotheby's Hong Kong 2014 Modern and Contemporary Asian Art - Evening Sale. Selected Exhibitions 2016 - "Fang Lijun: Forbidden Areas", Ariana Museum | Switzerland 2013 - "Fang Lijun 2013", Springs Centre of Art | China 2009 - "Endless of Life: 25 Years Retrospect of Fang Lijun", Taipei Fine Arts Museum | Taiwan 1999 - 48th Venice Biennale | Venice For more information about Fang Lijun, kindly email or call +65 6274 5988 to speak with our friendly art consultant...

Yue Minjun

Yue Minjun, is one of the most important Chinese artists of the Chinese avant garde. He is part of the key movement of the post-1989 era in the event. His works are recognizable by the iconic laughing figure, which portrays himself.  Yue Minjun was selected by Harald Szeemann for the 1999 Venice Biennale. In May 2000 Chinese Contemporary gave Yue Minjun his first solo exhibition ever. His works are often seen collected by pop celebrities. For more information about Yue Minjun, kindly email or call +65 6274 5988 to speak with our friendly art consultant...

Hua Qing

Chinese artist Hua Qing, whose works contains profound connotation responding to the contemporary life, incorporates philosophies and theories in his paintings. He strives to inspire self-re-examination and allows the vigorous brush strokes to provoke viewers' emotion. Over the years, Hua Qing had resided in many different places with diverse culture, such as Vienna, Yugoslavia, Slovakia, Taiwan, and China. The artist has experienced the vast difference between Western and Eastern culture. Witnessing the civil war that broke out in the Eastern Europe shaped the content of his creative works. Through painting, he investigates the purpose and product of civilization.  Hua Qing was first known for the dramatically painted red apes and the juxtaposition of apes and scientific and mathematic symbols. The artist's works are inspired by French philosopher's famous statement: Cogito ergo sum (I think, therefore I am.) Through his works, he investigates the relationship between human being and other living species, and at the same time, he re- examines the meaning of human civilization. As he continues to explore different subject matters, Hua Qing has developed his unique visual language. In his recent works, he has painted animals other than apes and Stonehenge monument, and he has placed these subject matters in front of symbols of philosophical, literal, mathematical, and artistic development hoping to inspire reassessment on the purpose of our establishment and future progress. For more information about Hua Qing, kindly email or call +65 6274 5988 to speak with our friendly art consultant...